Dollar General

The Dollar General at 409 N. Buckeye Ave. in Abilene. This store has petitioned the city for a cereal malt beverage license.

Abilene City Commissioners met on Tuesday for a study session to cover Abilene’s upcoming “Fall You Haul” week, petitions from businesses, land acquisition and amendments to laws.   

During study sessions, commissioners discuss the agenda topics, but don’t vote until the next commissioner meeting on Monday, September 13.

Fall You Haul

In 2019, the Public Works Department revamped the traditional Abilene clean up week with large 30 cubic yard roll off trash containers set up at the former city landfill site, located South of West 1st and Cherry Streets.

Public Works hopes to bring back the same system for this year with Dickinson County, as well as several other cities, planning to conduct their free cleanup from Sept. 17 to Oct. 1.

Residents will be able to bring “acceptable and properly sorted items” to the site from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. to be disposed of with the help of two staff members.

Vice Mayor Dee Marshall double-checked that the week would match the same process as 2019, which Utilities Supervisor Joe Hawk confirmed during the session.

“No questions from me, I know just people appreciate it,” Commissioner Trevor Witt said. “Thank you for doing this again.”

On a fiscal note, the city spent $2,270 for the containers and $42,182.08 for the County Transfer Station Fee in 2019. For 2021, the city anticipates the cost to be between $2,000 and $3,500 with no Transfer Station Fee this year.

Petitions from businesses

The owners of Dollar General on 409 N. Buckeye and Family Dollar on 1709 N. Buckeye petitioned the city for Cereal Malt Beverage Licenses. With their construction completed next week, the businesses submitted all the required paperwork and inspection reports.

Commissioners expect to approve licenses at the Sept. 13 meeting with no current questions during the study sessions.

The Family Dollar also petitioned the city for a City Improvement District, CID. Community Improvement Districts fall under Abilene’s list of five development incentives. 

“It’s an additional incremental sales tax imposed on the property within the district… that would be used to fund the reimbursement of the developers’ construction cost over the course of up to 22 years,” City Attorney Aaron Martin said.

During the next meeting, the commissioners will vote on moving forward and maybe hold a public hearing Oct. 10.

Land Acquisition

Since early June, the city has been trying to conduct a long-term lease agreement with Wilson Hay, Inc. for land adjacent to the Municipal Airport. The city planned to lease out in exchange for the location of Water Well #23.

Over the summer, 1st American Title Company conducted a title search for the land of “city owned” land and it revealed two parcels were deeded back to the original owners.

The City Manager, Public Works Director and City Attorney met with Wilson Hay Inc. to come up with another agreement for the land.

“There has been modification to that original agreement due to the fact that the title company search showed that the city really only owned one of those parcels of the land that they wanted to swap,” City Manager Ron Marsh. “That being said, we realized we couldn’t swap land that we didn’t own. The real estate agreement modified that to the one parcel that we own.”

Commissioner Witt brought up concern surrounding other city land.

“Has this prompted us to look into other properties that we own?” Witt asked.

“Yes, We’re going to double check on all those properties that the county says we own.”

The new agreement will be voted on at the Sept 13 meeting.

Amendments of laws

Kansas League of Municipalities published new Standard Traffic Ordinance and Uniform Public Offense Code laws. The changes from the laws will not start until Abilene votes to approve the amendments.

For the Standard Traffic Ordinance, article one amended the definitions of All-Terrain Vehicle, Antique, Golf Cart and Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle. The article contained new definitions of Authorized Utility or Telecommunication Vehicle, Funeral Escort, Funeral Lead Vehicle and Funeral Procession.

Funeral Procession was moved from Section 119 Parades and Processions to its own section 10.1. The new requirements for funeral processions are that all procession cars, other vehicles on the road and pedestrians follow the local traffic laws and right-of-way at intersections.

New Section 40.2 created a new traffic offense for people who fail to move over when approaching an authorized utility or telecommunication vehicle. Section 201.1 was amended to allow people with a traffic fine or court cost to petition for a waiver of payment due to imposed hardship from the cost.

Abilene Police Department amended the new Uniform Public Offense Code Laws. The amendments from the new UPOC included new definitions in Class A Club and Drinking Establishment, the removal of spousal exception to sexual battery, changes to law dealing with the theft of a motor vehicle and several new criminal offenses, like trespassing on a critical infrastructure facility.

The City of Abilene omitted sections 6.16 Giving a worthless check, 6.19 Equity skimming and 10.29 Violation of a public health orders.

No questions from any commissioner members and both will be voted on at the next commissioner meeting.



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