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The Chapman Public Library is now using fiber internet and will have access to the Sunflower eLibrary, which can be used and accessed through one of the five computers the library has available.

Chapman Public Library has two new additions to their public resources for use: the Sunflower eLibrary and fiber internet. The fiber internet is available now and the eLibrary will be available Feb. 21 The library added these new resources with an American Rescue Plan Act Public Library grant for $24,000.  

“We get between 150-200 people in any given month, and about half of them use the computer system, our printer or our WiFi because they don’t have access at home,” said Mary Krantz, library director.

The library received the ARPA grant in July 2021, said Mary Krantz, library director. The elibrary and fiber internet was installed in November 2021. Now, all that’s left in the process is to work out some details and small issues with the eLibrary, Krantz said.

The Sunflower eLibrary allows library card owners to read and listen to books electronic from the state collection. The eLibrary is provided to the Chapman library by the State Library of Kansas and the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Krantz said some Chapman citizens would drive to the Abilene Public Library to obtain a library card for the eLibrary. Some people in Chapman don’t have a vehicle and may not be able to take advantage of that service, Krantz said.

During the pandemic, Krantz said people would sit outside of the school to access the internet. Before, the library’s internet could not reach that far. Now, multiple people will be able to sit in a parking lot and access the library’s internet due to the stronger and larger signal the fiber internet.

“So with this fiber internet, (it has) the capability of serving more people, which is great because a lot of folks don’t own computers and (need them) especially during tax season,” Krantz said.    

The fiber internet has speeds up to one gigabyte, Krantz said. The speeds may be lowered in the future, but the library will continue to have fiber internet access. 

The grant money will also be used to teach internet literacy to help people use and understand the eLibrary, Krantz said.

For more questions, contact the Chapman Public Library at 785-922-6548.


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