New rules of conduct during the weekly public meetings of the Dickinson County Commission have been initiated by Chairman Lynn Peterson.

Beginning immediately all meetings will be conducted in a fair, firm and consistent manner. The regular meeting portion will be video recorded. 

The standard agenda format will be followed during each meeting, with a segment of the agenda designated for public comments. 

“All attendees should conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner at all times,” according to the rules. “Attendees should silence their phones and refrain from private conversations which interrupt or distract the proceedings of the board. Individuals should refrain from comments, outbursts, or applause that is intended to or results in disrupting the meeting. 

“Public comments will be allowed with a time limit of five minutes per person. Individuals wishing to speak are encouraged to submit a written synopsis and any supporting documents prior to the meeting. If multiple persons desire to talk on the same topic, they should choose one speaker and refrain from repeating the same information.

“Further, if the information has been presented at a previous meeting you are asked to refrain from repeating the same information again. Rude, slanderous, or libelous comments towards any one individual will not be allowed or tolerated. Anyone violating these rules of decorum will be asked to leave the meeting immediately.”

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