Cedar House

Host of NPR WBUR's King World Podcast Yasmin Amer, right and pictured with co-host Andrea Asujae, came to Abilene last week to visit with Patti O'Malley for a national podcast on Cedar House.

Boston’s National Public Radio news station, WBUR, is recognizing Abilene in its Kind World podcast during its spring season starting in March.

The Kind World features many stories that showcase, while the world may sometimes sound like an awful place, there are still good people out there acting out of kindness and changing lives.

Co-host of the Kind World podcast, Yasmin Amer visited Abilene last week to get some insight on The Cedar House. She met with Patti O’Malley, volunteers, and residents of the Cedar House and is thrilled to tell the story.

“I’m excited to share the idea that this is a place people can tell their stories,” Amer said. “If anyone wants to write us an email and tell us about something we should know or follow, we’d love to hear from them.”

Firsthand experience

Amer said when she heard O’Malley talk about the Cedar House, she needed to come to Abilene to really experience it and understand it for herself. Usually Amer will have the interviewee go to a studio and they talk through the phone. However, with O’Malley, it seemed that the setting and the house were important for Amer to see to be able to tell the story.

Her mission when she goes anywhere is to seek a story that represents compassion and kindness and she is always looking for these stories.

She encourages more people all over the country to think of that one person who has changed lives, or even if you have seen or personally taken the initiative on a profound act of kindness, to then contact Amer at kindworld@wbur.org.

She and her co-host Andrea Asuaje have met with many people all over the country who share their touching moments of receiving kindness during a time when they needed it most.

Alternatively, they have met with the people who have taken extra steps to help others. Amer said she hopes people listening to the podcast can experience a restoration of their faith in humanity and realize that not everything and everyone in the world is cruel.

“We try to look at news stories through the lens of compassion,” said Amer.


With the Cedar House in Abilene, O’Malley is focused on helping women recovering from addictions and the effects of addiction by providing a safe community to grow.

Over the years she has received a lot of recognition from local and nationwide news organizations.

Podcasts are becoming the new way to browse topics and listen to different stories all over the world.

They are usually always free on any podcast app such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, or even a web browser. It’s similar to a radio show but can be centered to the topics a listener is interested in. There are many series that humorous or political, and everything in between.

To find the heartwarming stories, including O’Malley’s journey with the Cedar House (coming soon) check out wbur.org/kindworld.

Contact Rebecca Scheller at reporter2@abilene-rc.com.

Contact Tim Horan at editor@abilene-rc.com.

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