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Angie Casteel, a former Abilene City Commissioner, should have the routine down of being appointed to an unexpired term on the commission.

Casteel was the only person to indicate a desire to be appointed to the term left by Sharon Petersen’s resignation, it was reported at the study session of the city commission Tuesday.

Casteel was elected in the spring of 2011 and served until April 2015.

When Kari Bowers resigned her unexpired term in 2017, Casteel was appointed to fill the position. Casteel served for five months until early January 2018 when the elected commissioners were sworn in.

If appointed this time, Casteel would serve about 2-1/2 months when the commissioners elected in November are sworn in next January. The commission must appoint a replacement in 60 days of the Aug. 12 resignation, or call for a special election.

The city commission has the option of having Mayor Tim Shafer appoint her. The commission can appoint someone else or seek more persons of interest from the public.

Casteel must first resign as a member of the Abilene Planning Commission.


Options and alternatives is what Dennis Kissinger, a consultant for the city of Abilene, wants to give commission for the storm drainage for Northeast Drainage Project, more commonly known as the Faith Avenue Project.

“I want to bring you a broad set of alternatives,” he said. “I think we have gotten a little bit stuck on just a couple of alternatives. At some point we will be back at a study session with a lot more information.”

Kissinger said there is no arguments of what needs to be done.

“There have been four sets of engineers’ eyes looking at this since the late 2000s and all of them agree the engineering on this is the creation of a regional retention pond in the rear of one of the commercial properties there,” he said.

It is designed to detail water under a 100-year flood and discharge it at a slower rate so the storm sewers can handle it, he said.

“The engineering of it has not really changed much over the years. Where it gets bogged down, like projects like this get bogged down, is who pays and how it is paid for,” he said.

A study was done by Kaw Valley Engineering in 2009 and another by Olsson Associates in 2016 which called for replacing the current retention pond with a storm retention lagoon on property owned by Highland Homes. Cost was estimated at $250,000 to $300,000 and would solve flooding issues, including a 100-year flood.

Kissinger said one of the options will be not doing the project.

“That has to be in there. Every one of the options, including doing nothing, has its own consequences. That is what I am working on,” he said.

Kissinger was an interim Abilene city manager when drainage was being looked at.

Records go back to 1997.

He said the project goes beyond the houses on Faith Avenue.

“It has future development, economic development implications; a very large drainage basis. We are trying to take a bigger viewpoint,” he said.

He said Faith Avenue drainage and that of 15th Street are different.

“The mini storage issue is about as far different from this one as you can get,” he said. “As a general rule this is a civil matter.”

Eighth Street

The Abilene City Commission held a special meeting on Tuesday approving on a 4-0 vote the condemnation of real estate at 805 N. Van Buren owned by Neil and Jill Phalen.

The city is in the process of a $2 million extension project of Eighth Street from Washington Street to Van Buren Street.

The roadway is part of an agreement the city has with Great Plains Manufacturing’s Land Pride Division.

As part of the imminent domain process, the city will request three entities to appraise the property, one being in real estate, to establish a price.

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