Hope Lives

Terrah Stroda with her children Braedon, right,  and Braxton.

Terrah Stroda is a certified nurse midwife in Junction City and the mother of two boys, Braedon, 12, and Braxton, 9. Stroda was diagnosed at the age of 30 with breast cancer, just after Braedon turned 1.

Stroda is the featured speaker at Hope Lives for women’s breast cancer awareness at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 9 at Sterl Hall.

Stroda’s diagnosis came just 9 months after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Stroda and her mother were then simultaneously treated by the same team at University of Kansas Medical Center, the same cancer center that would eventually treat Terrah’s husband, Brandon, later that same year.

In all, Terrah has had 10 close family members, including her sister, maternal aunt, paternal grandmother, mother and husband who have been diagnosed with cancer in the past two decades. Six of them are no longer alive.

In 2010, just after Stroda’s second child was born, her mother died when her breast cancer returned. Then, in 2017, her husband passed away after a heroic battle with what was his third round of cancer.

Stroda is a proud member of the Junction City community, serving on local and school-based initiatives. She was a founding member and current medical director of the Delivering Change project aimed at improving maternal and infant health disparities in the region. She serves as team mom of her boys’ sports and activities while she works full time delivering babies and caring for women at Flint Hills OBGYN.

Stroda loves sharing her story, and occasional pep talks, to women and families across the state. Moreover, Stroda appreciates the opportunity to tell the story of her family members who have battled but are no longer here so that perhaps, someday there is a cure.

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