Bob Hamilton said it was not ordinary that a plumber runs for U.S. Senate in Kansas.

“Too often we have doctors and lawyers that go up to Washington and look at the mess that we have,” he said. “Why not send a plumber up to Washington to help President (Donald) Trump to drain the swamp?”

He said his father was a plumber and he and his wife Teresa started a company in 1983. 

“I knew, for it to succeed, we had to follow things that my Dad taught me. That is work hard, treat people with respect, deliver on your promises and charge more than it costs,” he said. 

At one time the business employed over 160 people with high paying jobs.

He said they are also the parents of 12 children, six boys and six girls.

“Yes, we are pro-life. Yes, we are Catholic. There were no twins,” he said.

They are celebrating 40 years of marriage in September. 

“I worry about my kids and their future,” he said. “And your kids and your kids’ future and their kids’ future. We need to leave them a world of opportunity and freedom; communities that are built on family, faith and service in a country that actually rewards self responsibility, hard work and ingenuity.

“They need a future that is as big and bright as their ability to do,” he said. “That is why I am running for U.S. Senate because President Trump needs a true conservative from Kansas that can win in the fall, that has business sense, that has common sense,” he said. 

He said President Trump has to deal with a lot of “crap” up in Washington. 

“Luckily, I am a plumber and that is my specialty,” he said.

He said he was a fighter.

“I will get up to Washington and fight for pro-life issues as all life is sacred. I will fight for border security and building the Trump wall and I will fight for our right to bear arms in the Senate,” he said.

He said he would also fight to lower taxes and for rural America.

“I would like to get better healthcare that is free market based and not government run socialized medicine,” he said. 

He said he didn’t need the job.

“I have a really, really good life and a really, really great family, obviously,” he said. “But if we don’t change things, if we keep sending professional politicians up to Washington that just want to get reelected, or climb the next rung of the ladder, then this country is in trouble. We have enough politicians up there that worry about Wall Street. We need a senator up there that is worried about Main Street, about let’s revive our family farms and let’s give our hard-working people the ability to live the American dream much like I’ve had the opportunity.

“So why not take a chance (on the Senate)? What do we have to lose? Let’s send in a plumber and help the president drain the swamp,” he said.

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