Flu season is back and in full effect after hitting our southern states hard this year, particularly in the DMV area. The DMV is one of the regions with the highest flu activity in the country. According to the CDC's Weekly US Map: Influenza Summary Update, Kansas is on the high level of the scale, with states like Wyoming, South Dakota, and New Hampshire being on the minimal level of the scale. Places with large populations like New York City, Washington DC, and Atlanta are on a very high level. Kansas is in the middle of regions that do and don't have high flu levels, how cautious should we be of the cold and flu season?

Cold and flu season has always been popular, and there have been times of massive outbreaks, could this year be any worse than previous years? "At this point, what I can tell you, is that in Dickinson County flu activity remains relatively low. I have received information about flu activity, to date, from Herington Hospital, as well as Memorial Health. Both are seeing some positive flu cases, but nothing overwhelming, at this point," said Brenda Weaver, Deputy Director of Health. In 2020, Influenza was the ninth most common cause of death. The total number of deaths was 53,544 with an average of 16.3 deaths per 100,000 population according to the CDC.


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