The county commissioners gathered Nov. 12 to canvass the results from the Nov. 2 election. Most of the unofficial results stayed the same, except for one changed result in the Herington City Commission vote. 

After totalling the results, Eric Parsons Gares and Steve C. Lewis are tied for the second seat on the city council with 136 votes. Barbera Jones, county clerk, said the county elections have not seen a tie in “a long time.” 

By county statutes, a lot will be cast by the commissioners during the next county meeting, which is Nov. 18, to determine the winner. The commissioners discussed a couple ways to cast a lot with flipping a coin or putting names in a hat, but they did not decide during the meeting. 

Each candidate had until 5 p.m. Nov. 13 to decide whether to submit a bond for a recount of the votes. Neither chose to do so. The bond would have been $307 to recount by hand count and $97 by machine.

Robbin Bell won the first seat of the Herrington City Commission with 155 votes. 

For the Abilene school board of education district one position four, the write-in votes placed Megan Armstrong to be one vote above Kyle Becker, the final vote being 544 to 543. Becker said after being contacted after the meeting that he would not request a recount. 

The final results for Solomon School District’s bond will not be in until Monday due to Saline County not holding their canvass until Nov. 15. 

Jones said the total number of votes ended up around 13,000, which is “not abnormal” for the county’s elections. 


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