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Dickinson County Commissioners approved a resolution Jan. 16 declaring three vehicles as surplus so they can be sold by online auction.

The vehicles are a 2009 Chevrolet van, a 2001 Ford Ranger and a 2007 Ford Escape.

“The (2009) van is the next ambulance we are getting remounted,” explained County Administrator Brad Homman.

The ambulance box on the vehicle will be taken off the chassis, rehabbed with a new electrical system and then remounted onto a new chassis. When it comes to ambulances, the chassis is the part of the vehicle that wears out first.

That will be the second Dickinson County ambulance that will be rehabbed and remounted. In December, EMS (Emergency Medical Services) picked up its first rehabbed ambulance when a 10-year-old ambulance box was redone and remounted onto a new 2019 Ford F-550 chassis.

By updating the old ambulance box and putting it on a new chassis, the county saves a significant amount of money over the cost of purchasing a new ambulance.

Homman said the Missouri company that will rehab the second ambulance picked it up Jan. 15 in Abilene and whoever purchases the surplus 2009 van chassis will be able to pick it up at the company’s location in Missouri.

“We should have the new one back in four months,” he said.



• Homman told commissioners the annual meeting of the county’s Public Building Commission (PBC) has been scheduled for 10 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 20 during the work session.

The Public Building Commission is a group of citizens appointed by the governing body (county commission) authorized by statute to issue bonds for a building project allowing the entity to construct or renovate a building. The PBC then actually owns the project and the building.

The PBC recently issued the bonds to build the new jail currently under construction and was used in 2007 to build the EMS building.

• The annual Township meeting is scheduled for March 30 at Sterl Hall. Homman said speakers are lined up.


• Commissioner Ron Roller said he had attended the North Central Kansas Regional Juvenile Detention meeting in Junction City and reported it is enacting a policy to help eliminate overcrowding at the facility and they were hoping to get some help through legislation.

• Commissioners learned the Road and Bridge department still needs employees.

All open county jobs are on the website at

Homman said the department has been utilizing the townships more than usual to do blading because the county is “shorthanded.”

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