Macy Winters

In 2017, Macy Winters danced for the Salina Liberty Dance Team before deciding to come back to Abilene as the new dance instructor.

Returning to the same halls that she graduated from, Macy Winters returned with a passion for dance and a goal to teach a new generation how to express themselves through movement.

“I just love the energy for (dance), I just like moving,” Winters said. “I’m just the type of person that’s always moving. If the music is on, I’m dancing. Even if it’s just tapping my foot, I’m always doing something. So dance is just something I’m just naturally drawn to and it’s been fun to just expand my knowledge from just being a dancer to now teaching people to do it. It’s also just a huge confidence booster. So I love allowing people to express themselves that way.”

A born and raised Abilene native, Winters started dancing at the local studio, Dance in Motion before joining the high school dance team.

“I joined the dance team, my freshman year,” Winters said. “I was on the dance team all four years. So, it’s really cool to come back and coach the team that I was on.”

Ready to take on the challenge of teaching high schoolers, Winters forgot to prepare for the amount of paperwork that comes along with the title of teacher.

“It’s a lot more than I anticipated,” Winters said. “So this year has been just a complete 100% learning experience and even though it’s been kind of messy in the beginning because all this paperwork I didn’t know about…Like I said, just a learning experience, but it’s been really fun. It makes me excited for future years because I’ll be more prepared.”

Another hurdle Winters experienced in her first year of teaching, she could blend in with her students walking down the hall.

“I’m in the same generation as them,” Winters said. “So sometimes, I just feel like I’m another one of the kids. But that’s also just my personality as well. I’m just a kid at heart.”

Within the first couple of months filled with practices, Winters found her hurdle could become the start of a beautiful choreograph of trendy dances.

“I think it helps me connect better with them,” Winters said. “It helps me, you know, keep up with trends. So when they’re doing funny moves, I know what they’re doing. I think it’s going to be cool to try and incorporate those trendy moves in with the dance team so it tracks the student section to be more involved with us.”

Winters helps her dancers come up with ideas for choreography, she wants them to take the reins of creativity with their routines.

“I give it to the dancers to choreograph their dance, so they can kind of have fun and learn how to choreograph,” Winters said. “So, they can do that in the future if they want to. It’s cool to have them kind of take on leadership and learn those skills as well.”

“Furthermore, it just helps them teach themselves how to teach other people how to break stuff down,” Winters added. “Because not everybody learns the same, so they have to learn different ways to try and make sure everybody is understanding. I think it’ll just help with life skills and being able to teach people in the future and how to be a leader.”

Winters wanted to share a quote with her current students and any future dancers for Abilene High School.

“The girls that I have now really persevered through all of Covid and tryouts,” Winters said. “I think now that the team is established…the girls have just bonded more and I’m super proud of them.”

“For the future people, even if you don’t have dance experience and you just want to try out,” Winters added. “Try out, everybody can learn to dance and sometimes people don’t know that they’ll enjoy it until they try it. Just get out there and try out even if you don’t like it, you could say you tried it.”


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