Library keypad

After people order their library books, they can access the lockers with their library card and a pin.

With the end of 2021, Abilene Public Library Director Wendy Moulton finds herself learning from 2021 and focusing on making 2022 a successful reading-filled year through library programs for all ages, new library locker system and restarting the teen advisory board.

Plans for 2022

As residents start to make their New Year’s resolutions, Abilene Public Library started their year off by completing one of their goals for 2022. The library built lockers, located on the East side of the building next to Pinnacle State Bank, so library card holders could receive their books in a non-contact format and after business hours.

Moulton says the library staff still need to train to use the lockers, so the first day for visitors to use them will be January 18. People can make a request for books they would like to check out and then they can pick them up at the lockers with their library card or pin number.

Moulton also looks forward to the restart of the library’s teen advisory board who help give input on what local teens want to see and do with literature.

“We had it I think in 2019 and we had to shut it down because of Covid-19,” Moulton said. “Then those kids, most of them have graduated, so we have to find some new ones who are interested in being on the teen advisory board and give advice on what they want to see for the library and for the teen department.”

The teen advisory board is open to Dickinson County teens and the Teen Department Librarian will send more information out to the local schools when the board reopens for applications.


For adults wanting to increase their reading for 2022, Abilene Public Library started their Winter Reading Challenge. Visitors will need to grab or download the Winter Reading Challenge bingo sheet at . To complete the challenge, readers will need to get a bingo either up, down, diagonal or all and submit it at the library for the chance to win a prize. The challenge is open for ages 16 to 100 and challenges people to pick up new genres of books off a different shelf.

Moulton offered two of her favorite picks from her 2021 reading list in case people need a good place to start on the bingo sheet.

“The Jasmine Throne” by Tasha Suri, fills in the “First book in a series” box, was inspired by the history and stories of India. The story tells of a captive princess and a servant becoming allies while trying to save the empire from the princess’s brother.

“The Rose Code” by Kate Quinn, fills in the “A book by a female author” box, depicts World War II code breaking through the story of three women trying to survive the war.


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