Voters living in all Abilene wards will cast their ballots at a new location on Nov. 2 General Election Day.

The Holm West building at 2104 N. Buckeye, formerly known as Green Ford, will serve as the temporary location. This building was used earlier this year by the Dickinson County Health Department to dispense COVID-19 vaccinations.

A letter to Abilene voters was sent out last week by County Clerk/Election Officer Barb Jones notifying Abilene voters of the temporary location and explaining the reason for the change.

The usual location for Abilene’s centralized polling place is at the Abilene Civic Center; however, it is unavailable this year because it is being used as the temporary home for several county offices.

Those offices currently are located at the Civic Center while the courthouse is being remodeled. While it was hoped the remodeling would be done before the November general election County Administrator Brad Homman announced last week the projected finish date is now estimated for mid-December.

The change affects all Abilene wards, which includes 1W, 2W, 3W, 4W 1P and 4W 2P. Jones emphasized the location change is only for November general election.

Voter registration & advance voting

The registration deadline for the Tuesday, Nov. 2 General Election is Oct. 12. Registration can be done online or at the Abilene City Office, Herington City Office, Dickinson County Health Department or at the Dickinson County Election (county clerk’s) Office.

To register, you must be a United States citizen, a Kansas resident and be at least 18 years of age.

Advance voting in person begins Oct. 13, the day after the close of registration, at the county clerk/election office, currently located in the Abilene Civic Center, 201 NW Second. Registered voters also may fill out a request to receive a ballot by mail.

Anyone with questions should contact the clerk’s office at 785-263-3774.


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