A 43-year-old Abilene man was arrested for allegedly attempting to pass a counterfeit $100 bill and another Abilene man was accused of passing a fake $20 bill at an Abilene store.

Karl Landon, Jr., was booked into the Dickinson County Jail Wednesday morning.

Dickinson County Sheriff Gareth Hoffman said Landon came to the sheriff's office with the intent to put money on the account of an inmate and presented a phony $100 bill as payment.

The employee immediately recognized the bill as a fake and notified investigators.

Hoffman said his office is currently working several cases in Dickinson County where counterfeit bills are being passed.

"We just want everyone to be cautious when accepting cash for any reason," he said in a statement. "The current money that the sheriff's office has collected is clearly counterfeit and easily identified when taking just a bit of time to look at it and feel it."

The sheriff's office expects to file charges on several locals in the near future. However, he said there could very well be more counterfeit cash floating around.

Abilene Police Department Assistant Chief Jason Wilkins said a known suspect attempted to pass a counterfeit $20 bill at O'Reilly Auto Parts on Monday, February 10th. Charges are currently pending at this time.

Last October an Abilene man was arrested for passing counterfeit currency. A fake $50 bill was found at a restaurant and an attempt was made to pass $150 in counterfeit currency at Casey’s General Store.

The Abilene Police Department recovered an additional $1,800 in counterfeit currency.

The easiest way to avoid becoming the victim of counterfeiting is to take time to visually and physically inspect the bill.

There are several resources available online that can assist with identifying a counterfeit bill. If any local citizens suspect they may have received a counterfeit bill, they are encouraged to contact Dickinson County Sheriff's Office and the Abilene Police Department.

Contact Tim Horan at editor@abilene-rc.com.

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