Pink Friday

Abilene businesses came out in full swing ready to help customers get the best deals on Holiday shopping, while still supporting their community.

Nov. 19 marked the first Pink Friday in Abilene shopping history with stores around the city participating with deals and steals for customers. Created The Boutique Hub, a network of small businesses, in hopes to boost small business shopping by making it a week before the big three: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. 

With businesses enjoying the foot traffic and residents enjoying the local goods, everyone shared the same reason for celebrating the day, shop local first.

“It means it stays here,” Aksent Boutique Owner Jamie Stroda said. “We help support all of the fundraisers and anything that’s happening locally. We’re the ones that help support it…I mean, it’s just a lot more important for me to be able to support the people that support me.”

“It is absolutely amazing,” Trollslända Owner Amy Howard said. “We’ve had so many people come in and out. It’s just been wonderful.”

“It means that we can keep our stores in town,” local shopper Teresa Weishaar said. “While it’s fun to go to a regional shopping area. It’s nice to be able to go downtown and buy a gift for a friend or family member or just something that you need.”

According to Abilene Convention & Visitors Bureau Director Julie Roller-Weeks, Pink Friday has become a new tradition for local businesses in Abilene. 

“Absolutely 100%,” Roller-Weeks said. “When you think about it, we had this idea on Nov. 2 and 17 days later, we have everyone in matching t-shirts. We have a banner across the street. We have promotions and we’re featured on a Wichita TV news station for this event. I think everyone’s been really pleased and excited. I’m just brainstorming for how we can do more and bigger and better next year. So, absolutely it will be back and shop Abilene first.”


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