• Dick Edwards
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Gray ladies, bright hearts
Nov 21 2014
While lying in hospital beds, waiting to hear the latest news from physicians, patients are greeted ...
Cowboy Joe 2014
Nov 17 2014
It started with five, but it ended with one. After a weeklong of competition, decades of tradition and ...
‘Abilene musical’
Nov 18 2014
Erik Hageman may not get mistaken with Zac Efron on a daily basis, but the storyline of Hageman’s life ...
Not giving for a show
Nov 19 2014
Despite the publicity a local bank sometimes receives for its philanthropic efforts, the president said ...
Golden years that truly shine
Nov 20 2014
Residents of a senior living home south of Abilene refer to its atmosphere as “carefree living” and ...
Shopping power
Nov 14 2014
Retail analysts nationwide are scrambling to uncover statistics that will reveal where and why consumers ...
Destination: Abilene
Nov 12 2014
Even before the leaves start to spiral to the ground, Abilene tourism starts to dwindle. This year, ...
Urban barn house
Nov 13 2014
One of them digs through dirty junk in messy barns. The other is a self-proclaimed “girly-girl” who ...
Coming out of the dark
Nov 11 2014
The enemy surrounds his troops on all sides, firing explosions 10 feet from his head. Bullets whiz by ...
Sister cities
Nov 10 2014
A t the tempo of a furious and rhythmic drumbeat, with dancers, sushi and other Japanese delicacies, ...
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