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    Storm blows through county
    Aug 24 2015
    A storm hit northern Abilene on Saturday night. Fallen trees changed the landscape of yards in northern ...
    Smoothing out the wrinkles of attending a new school
    Aug 25 2015
    Luke Kohler, a freshman at Abilene High School, reads off a wrinkled schedule sheet and comments on ...
    In memorium ...
    Aug 26 2015
    As the leaves began to fall in 2014, a member of Beta Sigma Phi was taking a stroll in the local Rose ...
    Roots & Wings
    Aug 27 2015
    Stories that begin in alcoholism and drug addiction only rarely have happy endings. But in Abilene, ...
    Sign announces change
    Aug 28 2015
    “Sold” has been on the sign advertising the old Green Acres Restaurant and Lounge and Bowling Alley ...
    Some Shopko purchases will help school district
    Aug 21 2015
    Some purchases at the Abilene Shopko Homeland store in Abilene will put money in the bank for local ...
    USD sets parking, traffic plan
    Aug 20 2015
    With the Abilene High School parking lot out of commission this upcoming school year due to construction, ...
    Chapman man wins garden award
    Aug 19 2015
    It’s not easy to tend a garden and pull weeds in the intense heat the area has been enduring lately, ...
    Veterans posts, Heritage Center rededicate Honor Roll board
    Aug 17 2015
    A small crowd of people were on hand Saturday morning for the rededication of the World War II Honor ...
    GPT begins move into new temporary home
    Aug 18 2015
    In the midst of rain this morning, volunteers and employees of Great Plains Theatre moved props, furniture ...
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