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    Sold ...

    Like a doggy fashion show, the canines showed each side of their coats and stood with their best posture in front of a large crowd.
    But instead of high-energy music in the background, the soundtrack to their show was the bid calling of an auctioneer.

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    A Traditional farm Life

    Greetings from Enterprise, dear friends! The heavenly aroma of overturned earth filled our nostrils this week as our garden patch was worked again in preparation for spring planting to begin in earnest.

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    Meals on Wheels volunteers receive honors

    Mary Amess, chairman of the Village Manor Meals on Wheels program, thanks the volunteers during a recognition held at Village Manor, where the meals are prepared daily. Mary read a letter written in 1992
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    Finishing the fight

    Students at McKinley Elementary School participate in this year’s "relay recess," known as "Finish the Fight," as part of Relay for Life. From April 20-24, students brought money from home to donate.
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    Dalton receives scholarship

    Kevin Dalton, Abilene, has been awarded a nursing service scholarship. Memorial Health System will sponsor Kevin while he pursues his LPN certification/licensure at Hutchinson Community College. 

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    The ABC’s of dancing

    Destiny Tech (center) and other students in the ABC afterschool program "run like the kitty" recently as instructed by an exercise video displayed on a projector screen in the gym at Garfield Upper Elementary
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    State news

    KU introduces online program for degree completion

    LAWRENCE — A bachelor’s degree from the state’s flagship university will be within reach for more students with the launch of new online education opportunities at the University of

    Cooking Up Something Good, Cheap and Nutritious through funding from the Community Foundation of Dickinson County

    Parents and children helped prepare cornmeal crusted vegetables during a cooking and tasting session held in conjunction with USD 435 Parents as Teacher’s March playgroup. It was the first of a

    Ag help wanted

    There are 63,000 Kansans unemployed — yet in the rural reaches of the state, farmers like Mitchel Baalman could use a bumper crop of farm hands.
    There are just some jobs Americans seemingly won’t

    Vacation on way for feds

    President Barack Obama is expecte4d to announce plans to force private companies to give seven days of paid leave to employees and take executive action to give federal employees six more paid time off.

    Breezing past other states

    A trio of wind farms in central Kansas ran at nearly 50 percent capacity in 2013, which one Kansas senator says is a positive sign for the state’s young wind industry.
    Sen. Marci Francisco said


    Modern Millies

    Modern Millies E.E.U. met Tuesday, April 14, at the home of Ann McLaughlin in Chapman. Twelve members were present and answered roll call with, "What do you like to do on a rainy day?"
    Chelsi Myer from

    60th anniversary — Tom and Phyllis Wilson

    Tom and Phyllis Wilson, of Abilene, are celebrating their 60th anniversary. Tom and Phyllis were married on April 23, 1955 in St. Andrew’s Catholic Church in Abilene. Phyllis’ maiden name

    Letter to the Editor

    To the Editor,
    Being a parent can be tough, and there is no denying that.
    Everywhere you look there is something else to worry over. Then you try to stick your two cents in to make it better. That is

    Reaching out

    One of the functions of the Chamber is outreach. This involves outreach to the community in many ways.
    We have two weekly publications —our newspaper column and newsletter — that provide

    Hope circle

    The Hope Circle of of the First United Methodist Church met April 13 at the church.
    Betty Eckman opened the meeting using the Purpose of the United Methodist Women.
    The roll was called with nine members

    Health care expert says changes afoot for Medicare, Medicaid

    The public should expect to see significant evolutions in Medicare and Medicaid in coming years, a national health care expert told a Kansas City audience Friday.
    Genevieve M. Kenney of the Urban Institute

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