Dickinson County home destroyed by fire

    The view from a drone shows the damage done by fire to a home at 2672 Oat Road Friday morning. photo by Photo provided by Paul Froelich.
    August 08, 2014
    A home was declared a total loss after fire tore through it around 4 a.m. Friday morning.

    The David Powers family was alerted to the fire by their dog early Friday. Flames were shooting through the roof by the time Dickinson County Fire Department No. 1 arrived on the scene.

    Fire Chief Paul Froelich said the family was being assisted by Red Cross and does have a small renters insurance policy.

    "Everybody got out OK," Froelich said.

    Froelich also submitted a picture of the structure at 2672 Oat Road, which is about 1 mile north of Interstate 70, between Nail and Paint roads. Froelich said the photo was taken using the department's drone.


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